Feed “Sharks” underwater

Posted: November 10, 2011 in #72 Feed sharks under water

On a trip down to Mexico, numerous adventures were on the docket. One which was “feeding sharks”. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture any video footage on this adventure, only stills. Which means that this will have to be done again and done with more risk involved now that I have an audience!

It was unbelievable how easy it was to find such an attraction in Mexico. You just have to ask the front desk at any hotel, “Hey, where can I feed sharks underwater?” or “Ey, donde puedo alimentar tiburones bajo el agua?” and they’ll tell you.

It was only a short bus trip away, about 20 minutes. What they do is get you to fill out waiver stating your not going to seek legal advise should you be attacked by a shark, LOL. Then they brief you on what to expect and ask you if you have any concerning medical conditions. If everything is fine, then you are given a wet suit which reeks horribly of chum (or dead fish), hop into a shower to rinse off any skin creams, cologne, hair products or sun block you may have on you and hop in the suit. After that, they introduce you to the plexiglass tank that you will be dropped down in. I was slightly disappointed because I thought would be in either a chainmail suit, which is a suit made out of tiny little chain links to prevent any skin punctures or a barred cage. But never the less, I was there, so were the sharks, so I was going to do this!

I was given a snorkel and mask and escorted to the tank. Slowly we descended below the surface of the water to allow the air to exit the tank and not bob around.

Almost immediately the sharks swam up to our tank. They must have known that the tank meant it was dinner time for them. They kind of reminded me of a bunch of dogs or any petting zoo when you’re about to hold your hand out to feed them. They know the routine and they start crowding and circling.

I believe it was Herring we had to feed them…Headless Herring, LOL. We stabbed them onto these extend poles that you shove through the side of the tank. Immediately, a shark darted right for it and snatched it off. Wow!!, I felt his raw power through the pole. It was like a car just drove by and ripped it off. That was amazing.” Gimme another one, gimme another one,” I motioned to the guide. “Hurry, hurry!” I quickly stuck my pole out again. Woo hoo, this was so much fun. I wasn’t scared at all. I knew I was overly protected, and I began to get cocky. I started teasing them. “Poke the stick out, pull it back in.” “Oh boy, I’m asking for trouble, aren’t I?” When a shark came by, I would lower the pole with chum on it just before he clamped down it. “MISSED!! ha haa.” Finally my instructor motioned to me, “No more of that. These are nice sharks, no more teasing them, ci? ” I motioned thumbs up and patted him on the back in an effort to say I’m sorry. We continued to feed them until we were all out of chum and there were too many around us. Time’s up. Time to go up and dry off. “Bye sharkies.”

What a great and unique experience. I didn’t know of anyone else who had thought to try that. However, like I mentioned earlier, it wasn’t the complete experience I had hoped for so I definitely need to try it again. But it definitely was a great time, regardless! It was 100% safe and I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind snorkeling and the smell of fish.

Today, I caught a segment on the news about sharks and how they are being harvested for their fins and then dumped back into the ocean. It’s heartbreaking to hear, read and especially to witness such atrocities. I know when my mom was diagnosed with cervical cancer she learned of “shark cartilage” and the potential it could have on being a preventative remedy. Though studies have yet to prove such findings, when you’re desperate to survive, you’ll try just about anything.

Since my mom’s passing, the shark fin industry has increasingly gotten out of hand and now Canadian cities are slowly beginning to place a ban on serving shark in restaurants. My hometown is the latest to make this effort.

Please, check out this article: Suiting up to ban shark fin soup

  1. Tracy says:

    Great blog and pics David !!

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