#124 Zip lining

Posted: September 23, 2011 in #124 Ziplining, VIDEOS

Ok, So before we get into this let me confess now that i have gone ziplining before this adventure you see in the video. But when i 1st went, i only took a few pictures not knowing i would be blogging about this years later. I was more focussed on just crossing things off my list and not so much documenting them through picture/video and storytelling.

So there might be a few adventure that i may do over due to lack of visual aide or issues with them. So if you see anything with what looks to be two different times, that would be why. Plus, it’s just another excuse to do it again.

The actual first time i went was just outside of Ottawa Ontario. A small town called Gatineau. This place had a 4 hour course filled with many obstacles and zips as well as cave exploration. Definitely a great time.

This next place i visited recently was located much closer to me. Long Point, Ontario. Called, Long Point Eco-Adventures. Only 3 years old, they had a pretty good set up.

A few friends from work were throwing around the idea of doing something like that for a few weeks until one of them took the initiative and found a place and booked it. I think there was a minimum of 4 people for every excursion. There was only 3 of them and they needed a fourth. Obviously, i have now gained some recognition for being adventurous, so they asked if i might be interested. Without question, i agreed. Then they proceeded to tell me they booked it for a weekday, early in the morning. I work nights. This meant little to no sleep. Who’s shitty idea was THAT? Fuck! Oh well, Chances of doing this sooner than later are slim so i might as well.

It was $107 cdn. for about 2.5 hrs. We drove down there and were pressed for time. I was determined i was gonna get some sort of footage so i filmed as much as i could. I still have this shyness that i don’t want to shove a camera in people’s faces so i was selective in what i would film. We got training in how to put our harnesses on and then onto outside where the practicle training started. (How to zip safely).

We started ziplining right from the office upstairs directly into the woods. It was pretty good. Unfortunately, there was a storm rolling in rapidly and the temperature dropped. We started getting really cold. I thought for sure they would cancel it and reschedule for another day. “POSSIBLY A WEEKEND?” Huh? But no, they were persistent. Unless lightening was imminent, we keep going.

There was only a total of 7 zips which meant it ended a lot sooner than i planned for film wise. Damn it! Oh well. Degagé, as they say in Haiti. Which means, “Do with what you have”. We had quite a few laughs on the course. The last time i went ziplining, it was more of a serious time. I went with my now ex-wife and she was terrified of heights. So i carefully walked through every obstacle and zip guiding her with encouragement and cheering. So it was nice this time around to just be silly and not worry about anyone. We had jokes about camel-toes/ moose-knuckles and falling to our deaths. It was such a breath of fresh air. If you hadn’t noticed, i have a twisted sense of humor. And so do most of my friends and family. Before we knew it, we were done. They took a few pictures of us throughout the course but when we viewed them back inside they didn’t seem that desirable. So we just left.

It was a good experience and i would take someone there again, but only as a starter. Especially if they were height conscious. LP Eco-Adventures do have some other attractions there that are definitely worth checking out like a telescope that is the second strongest in Canada. As well as a winery, kayak/canoe tours, and hiking/biking trails.

I will definitely zipline again “THAT’S FOR SURE” but i think i would like to try it in other countries and settings. Like Ziplining through a rain forest, or over a canyon or through a war zone. Just kidding about that last one. I don’t think they have ziplining in Afghanistan. But if they did, it would be cool to do it with a machine gun trying to hit a target. Ha ha haaaa.

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